Knoxville, TN Based PickUpMyDonation.com reaches $50 Million in donations to non-profits.

June 1, 2019 (Knoxville, TN) – In the fall of 2012, driven from the overwhelming need for a *simple* way to donate large items like couches and dining room suites, the PickUpMyDonation.com idea was born. The PickUpMyDonation.com team built a cloud-based platform where donors can use a computer, tablet, or smart phone to request a pick up from a participating non-profit in less than two minutes.

In an industry that has always required donors to call, leave a message, and wait for a return call, the PickUpMyDonation.com platform is the perfect solution. The website drives donation requests to participating non-profits via PickUpMyDonation.com’s own advertising efforts, and it also gives any non-profit the power of a web-based donation scheduling solution.

In addition to donation options, there are also solutions for donors that have “junk” removal needs or urgent pick up requests through our national partnerships with organizations like *College Hunks Hauling Junk*. Our goal has always been to “make donating easy for the donor and increase tangible donations to non-profits who sell these items to support great work in their own communities.”

Since PickUpMyDonation.com launched in the fall of 2012, the network has grown to over 160 pick up providers nationwide with over 5,000 donation requests each month. The live counter on our website recently exceeded $50,000,000 in total requests based on the average value per pick up from participating pick up providers. The PickUpMyDonation.com team is excited to be a part of such a great solution for non-profits who provide a pick up service in their community, and more importantly, the team is excited to play a small role in helping fund the work done by these great organizations.

PickUpMyDonation.com’s list of pick up providers includes independent stores from *Society of St. Vincent De Paul*, *Habitat for Humanity*, *The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions*, *Disabled American Veterans*, *AmVets*, and a host of other independent non-profits.

To request a donation pick up, simply go to PickUpMyDonation.com, key in your zip code, and follow the simple instructions. Rest assured, your donation will go to an organization that serves your community.

If you are a non-profit who could benefit from additional donation requests, contact PickUpMyDonation.com today for information on how to make your organization the simplest organization to donate to in your community.

~ J.R. Slack

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