We developed PickUpMyDonation.com because we were frustrated with the hassles involved in donating our stuff. In the past, finding an organization to come to your house to pick up your donation involved countless minutes/hours searching. We asked, “Shouldn’t there be an app for this?

That question became the inspiration for this website. Here you can enter your zip code, pick an organization you’d like to support, and then choose some times for your pick up. Once you’ve entered your donation into our system, your selected organization(s) will call you to confirm, and you’re done!

Our Goal: Keep it simple!

From start to finish, we guide you through our step-by-step donation process. You’ll have the option to provide detailed information about any of your donated items.

Along the way, our tool automatically establishes the minimum criteria for a donation pick up. This helps our partner organizations succeed by greatly reducing their fuel and labor costs. If for some reason your donation doesn’t meet the minimum criteria for a pick up, you’ll receive a list of local drop off locations along with a contact name and number if you’d like to speak with someone further.

In combination, all of these features make donating with PickUpMyDonation.com as trouble-free as possible.

Thank you for caring enough to donate!

– The PMD Team