Non-Profit Partner Benefits

In today’s thrift store environment, the most important part of the process is the receipt of donated goods. In this fast paced world of computers and smart phones, more and more of our constituents and donors do everything online.

Now there is a quick and easy way to make an online request for a donation pick up. Users of this site benefit by avoiding the frustration caused by unanswered calls and voicemails left on pick up lines. Our partner organizations save time and money by having online donations qualified before they ever reach their stores!

Guaranteed Results!

  • Targeted zip code approach so you don’t provide pick ups where you don’t want to… saving valuable time and gas money
  • Donation prequalification*, so you know the quality of the donation being scheduled… saving wasted dollars
  • Donor information provided to your parent organization for database purposes
  • Easy to use“ Schedule a Donation Now” buttons for your website
  • Give callers an option vs. leaving a voicemail. Recovering one lost donation per month pays for the service, and voicemail is the number one reason donations are lost.
  • Local benefit of a national brand
  • Low cost service
  • As an Exclusive PMD Partner you become the only pick up organization for the zip codes in your area

*After an online request is received by an organization, PickUpMyDonation.com requries that a verbal, store-to-donor contact confirmation is made prior to pick up. This allows for you to account for donation specific time requirements need to fulfill varying donations (e.g. full house vs. one couch).


For a limited time, PickUpMyDonation.com is offering exclusive partnerships. Once our strategic partners have been identified and secured, the PMD software will be open to multiple organizations in the same area, giving the donor the opportunity to choose. Acting now secures your target market area.

Features & Benefits

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Exclusive Partnership

Donation Scheduling on your websiteYour donors will love how quick and easy we make it to donate to your organization
PickUpMyDonation.com Brand Use
Donation ReferralsNetwork Members share referrals with other providers, Exclusive Providers are the sole recipients of donations for their marketSharedExclusive
Monthly Donor ReportSee how many donations you received and their estimated value
Monthly Donor CSVAll details for each donation you receive ready to import into your favorite spreadsheet 
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Priority Partner Benefits

Designed to help our donors get items out of their homes as quickly as possible, our Priority Partnership helps connect donors with companies that specialize in junk hauling and moving!

The typical donor wants their items removed from their house as soon as possible. As a result of this, we created a Priority Pickup Service. This means a good percentage of donors are willing to pay to have their items removed from their residence in return for expedited service. All of our requests have been vetted for location and size and will come with ALL of the donor’s contact information.

With over 8,000 donation pick up referrals nationwide each month, many of our “priority” partners see THOUSANDS of Dollars as a result of the leads we send them each month!

How does this work?

Priority Pick Up Provider
Exclusive recipient of 100% of PickUpMyDonation.com priority referrals in client’s entire serviceable market. Priority Pickup Providers also receive referrals for donations that are unable to be picked up by our Non-Profit Partners (i.e damaged, stained, broken, etc.)

Priority Pick Up Provider in Market without an Exclusive Non-Profit Partner
Priority Pickup Providers receive all donation requests, same as Non-Profits using the Free Network. Priority Partners have the ability to contact donors and offer a faster pickup option.

  • Cost: $200 monthly fee (cancel anytime)
  • Click here to sign up for fee-based priority partner service.

Non-profit affiliation
Local PickUpMyDonation.com “Non-Profit” clients use a priority pick up client as a service to their donors. In such cases, the priority pick up provider would agree to provide pick up service for the non-profit donors for a fee to be determined by the priority pick up provider. All items of value would be delivered to the non-profit (usually a thrift store) and items deemed unsellable would be delivered to the appropriate disposal facility. In addition, pickups of value that are initiated and executed by the priority pick up provider would also be delivered to the local non-profit as means to eliminate waste expense and provide additional donations to the non-profit.

We differ from the standard “lead generating” companies because our focus has and always will be the donor. For that reason, our model is built around exclusive corporate relationships. We are looking for Junk Removal companies that are willing to be the “exclusive, fee based: priority pick up provider” in each market. In that relationship you will receive all of the priority leads within your pick radius.

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