Free Donation Pick Up From Nonprofits

We have all had something that we used to love, but just don’t seem to use anymore. That doesn’t mean it’s junk though. But it also shouldn’t take up space in your house if it’s not being used. Maybe you should donate it? But that would require you to transport it. There has to be a way to have your donation picked up for free. Check out this blog to learn how to donate your items easily and for FREE!

The Need

When it comes to our houses, it seems that we are always redecorating, moving, or remodeling. That red couch you bought when you were in your 20’s might not be the piece you want to showcase in your living room anymore. Unfortunately, getting rid of these items can be time-consuming and expensive, so instead these pieces end up collecting dust in your basement.

Getting rid of your “stuff” shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. After all, your items still have value and surely someone can benefit from them. Maybe you could take them to a nonprofit or a thrift store, but that would require you to have a truck. In a world where everything is becoming simple, why is donating still difficult?

The Answer

Many nonprofits around the country will pick up your donations for FREE, but getting connected to them and scheduling a time is not the easiest task. Instead of calling a phone number after phone number hoping to get connected to the right person, try turning to the internet. is a website that helps connect donors with nonprofits in a simple way. With over 8,000 partners across the country, has helped provide over $80 million in value to nonprofits since 2012.

Free Donation Pick Up focuses on making the donation process as simple as possible for the donor. The process of submitting a donation request is free and takes less than 90 seconds. Follow these steps to submit your request today!

  1. Go to the homepage of
  2. Enter the zip code in which you live.
  3. Select either Free Pickup or Priority Pickup (See below for the difference).
  4. Indicate what you would like to donate and answer a couple of questions.
  5. Provide your contact information.
  6. Provide Potential Pickup dates/times that would work for you.
  7. Submit your pickup request and wait to be contacted!

Where are you Donating to?’s network is comprised of thousands of nonprofits and junk haulers, like College Hunks Hauling Junk. In many cities, we have Exclusive Partners. These partners are nonprofits that typically have thrift operations and will pick up the donation for FREE. But what happens if there isn’t an Exclusive Partner in your city? Can you still get your donation picked up for free? The answer is yes. When a donor wants to donate in an area without an Exclusive Partner, will go ahead and send that donation request to every thrift store within a 15-mile radius of the donor.  

In some areas, does not have any free partners. In this case, they will send your request to a Priority Partner who may contact you about a potential pick-up. 

What if Nonprofits don’t want my Donation?

Sometimes nonprofits are unable to pick up a donation for free. Maybe they have received too many requests, maybe they aren’t able to sell your donation in their store, or maybe they just can’t afford the gas it would take to go and pick it up. No matter the reason, understands that the donor still needs the item out of their house. That’s where priority pick-up comes in. 

Donors have the ability to choose Priority Pick Up instead of Free Pick Up. There are a few differences between these two types of pick-up. The first being who performs the pick-up. The Priority Partners at are professional moving companies who have the ability to transport your donation. Many Priority Partners, such as College Hunks Hauling Junk, will even take your donation to a local thrift store and donate it for you. They will even provide you with a donation receipt for your tax purposes. Priority Pick Up is a great option if you need an item moved quickly or junk hauled away.


Are you a Nonprofit with a Thrift Operation? receives over 10,000 donation requests every month, and that number is continuing to increase. This creates a huge opportunity for Nonprofits to offer donation pick up for free. Picking up donations can seem like a daunting task for a nonprofit/thrift store as it brings new expenses to the table. It is easy to get hung up on the cost, without seeing the benefit. On average, our Exclusive Partners receive an estimated value of $10,000 – $15,000 in donations every single month from  

By offering the free service of donation pick up, nonprofits are able to secure more donations for them to sell in their stores. In addition, our Exclusive Partners tend to see an increase in the quality of donations they receive. By picking up higher quality items, the foot traffic in their stores increases as customers come to visit in search of premium furniture finds! Not only do our Exclusive Partners receive more donations, but they are able to provide additional funding for their nonprofit initiatives.

Interested in becoming a pick-up partner with Check out our Free and Exclusive Partnerships and start receiving donation requests today!