We make it easy to donate in Washington D.C.

If you live in the Washington D.C. area, and you’re looking to donate your stuff, you’ve come to the right place. You can schedule a donation pick up with Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center via our online donation scheduling form. Once you submit your donation request, we forward it to the Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center pick up department, and they’ll get in touch to finalize your pick up date and time.

Request a donation pick up now:

Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center is our local donation pick up provider in Washington D.C. Schedule a pick up with them by entering your zip code. If it falls within their pick up radius, you’ll be able to select Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center on the next screen. From there, they will handle getting in touch with you and confirming a pick up date for your donation.

Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center

Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center exists to enhance the lives of many by providing Youth Mentoring & Boxing Programs, Furniture Outlets, and Community Services.

About Washington D.C.

Our capital, Washington DC, has plenty of exciting things to offer.  Bordering the states of Virginia and Maryland, DC has a Population of almost 700,000 people.   DC also houses the second busiest metro system in the country with over 9 million riders weekly.  Once you get the hang of the metro, go on a guided tour of the monuments and even get a chance to go inside the capital building. Washington DC also has one of the only spy museums in the world.  If you are looking for free things to do, there are many options for you!  Take a trip to the Smithsonian museum, visit the supreme court building, stroll through the national zoo, and so much more.  


Interested in giving back to Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center?  Schedule your free donation pick up in Washington D.C. today!