Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? does not pick up donations, we send your request to either an exclusive pick up provider who has partnered with us in your area, or if we do not have an exclusive pick up provider at this point, we send your request to all of the known non-profits in your area that provide a pick up service. Our goal is to make it easy to get your qualified donation request in the hands of organizations that can pick it up.

How do I contact my pick up provider?

Once you go through the steps of requesting a pick up at, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes the contact information for your pick up provider. This will include a name, phone number, and email address.

Do you offer a receipt for tax purposes?

Most of our Free Pick Up Providers are 501 C-3 non profit organizations and will be able to offer you a receipt. However, it is important to ask the organization that you select or that contacts you directly about their individual receipt policy.

Do you pick up mattresses?

Most of our pick up providers have indicated that they do not pick up used mattresses. However, if a mattress is part of a larger donation, you can ask the pick up provider directly.

Do you pick up tube TVs?

Most of our pick up providers have indicated that they do not pick up tube TVs.  However if a tube TV is part of a larger donation, you can ask your pick up provider directly.

What Items do you pick up?

After you type your zip code at and select your pick up method, you will be sent to step 1.  Step 1 is the specific items and instructions for your pick up provider.  At that point you will see notes on what the provider is willing to pick up and be notified if your donation is too small to warrant a pick up?

Why don’t you pick up small items?

When one of our pick up providers sends a truck out for a pick up, it is usually staffed with two furniture movers and is a large enough apparatus that it requires a significant amount of fuel to drive.  Since most of our pick up providers are non-profit, they have to protect their funds to continue the ongoing work they are doing in the community.  For that reason, the items they pick up need to cover the cost of pick up when they are sold at the thrift store level.

Can you pick up today?

In most cases, no, because our pick up providers are booked out a few days in advance. However, when you complete your request, we encourage you to contact your pick up provider directly to see if they can accommodate your needs.  If it is an emergency, and you need your items picked up sooner than your free pick up provider can get to it, then you can select Priority Pick Up. Then one of our fee based pick up providers can come to pick up your items.

When will I be contacted about my pick up?

You will receive an email immediately when you finalize your pick up details, and in most cases will be contacted within 24 hrs.  However, if you are not contacted in a timely manner, we encourage you to reach out to your pick up provider using the contact details in the body of your confirmation email

Do I have to be home when my items are picked up?

It is important to ask your pick up provider directly if you need to be home when your items are picked up.  Weather and location of items will certainly be factors in this determination.  If your pick up provider allows an unattended donation pick up, we encourage you to print copies of your confirmation email and affix them to ALL items being donated.

What if I know my items are “not sellable”, but I still need them out of my house?

Our focus is helping non-profit organizations who have avenues for resale or distribution by creating a simple way for you to donate unwanted items.  With this goal in mind, not everything is sellable and we need to be careful to not create a liability for these organizations. That being said, we invite you to schedule a Priority Pick Up from one of our fee based haulers. These organizations will gladly pick up anything you have and even assist in clean out for a reasonable fee.

Do you charge for your service? is free to all donors and pick ups are usually free from our non-profit pick up providers.  The only service that has a fee associated with it is Priority Pick Ups which are fee based and must be selected by the donor. Priority pick ups provide expedited service and removal of anything from your location.  Fees are determined by the provider when they contact you.