Remember why we are here?

In an interaction with an employee the other day I asked, “Why are you here?” It seemed like a simple question, but the longer she thought about it, I was challenged by the fact that I probably hadn’t done a good job of communicating that to her.

The usual answer is something like “It’s my job” or ” To support my family.” Both answers are certainly true, but being in the non-profit thrift business, it should be a better answer, right?

Our people truly are a part of something greater. Feeding meals, building houses, curing disease, all missions that are advanced by the hands of our teams.  Whether they are picking up donations, processing in the back room, or greeting customers on the sales floor, they all are serving a greater purpose.

The reason exists is to play a small part in helping you advance the great work you are doing in your communities. As we enter into a season of Thanksgiving, take this opportunity to remind your team Why they are there. We all seem to work a little harder when we realize we are part of something greater than ourselves.

Thanks for the great work you are doing in your community!

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