Non-Profits Create a Huge Opportunity for Junk Haulers!

PickUpMyDonation.com started and still exists to help non-profit thrift stores get more large items into their stores.  We have over three years and $20m+ in donation value delivered to our non-profit partners.  This has caused demand for pick ups to exceed the willingness and/or the capacity of our non-profits to pick up all of the referrals we receive.  To solve this, we added priority pick up services.  We quickly found that “non-profit” donors are willing to pay to have their items picked up in over 30% of the requests made on PickUpMyDonation.com.

That’s where you come in. Our network has over 150 non-profits using our service, and it is our goal to connect all of our non-profits to a dedicated Priority Pick Up Provider like you!  This service reduces dump bills for priority providers and allows local non-profits to benefit from what would normally be wasted items.  In many cases we have heard junk haulers say non-profits are hard to deal with.  PickUpMyDonation.com can help!

  1. Our platform automatically directs pay-for-service donors to you. You connect with the donor directly and charge your own fees.
  2. We connect you with our non-profit clients in those markets where junk haulers and non-profits coexist. Our goal is to educate non-profit organizations on the benefits of good communication.  Too often we find that a driver or a back room employee can spoil the relationship when all it takes is the managers and directors having a short and friendly dialogue.

At the end of the day, if we can play a small part in increasing your referrals and increasing sellable items to non-profits, we have created a win for you, and accomplished our goal.

Join our network to start receiving referrals!

* Priority Pick Up Providers charge fees to pick up and deliver or dispose items based on their quality.

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