Non-Profit Exclusive Pick Up Provider- February Update

Well my friends, its cold in Knoxville, but the interest and growth in PMD is keeping us moving. We shared last month that we were working on providing a priority pick up option for you to use to serve your donors. We are excited to announce the service is now LIVE! and we have just created a national partnership with a junk hauling/ moving franchise called College Hunks Hauling Junk. For those of you who have a local CHHJ franchise, we will be reaching out to you shortly to make an introduction to the franchisee and let you know how the process works. For the rest of you we will be working hard to find a priority pick up provider for you to serve in the space that is there.  As you know I developed to help me increase donations for KARM Stores in Knoxville, and everything we do at A. has been tested by KARM Stores, and B. has to meet the business criteria of increasing donations to YOU while keeping the process simple for the donors.

Guess what?…. this has been the best move yet for accomplishing that purpose for three reasons.

1. We only have so many trucks so there is always a lead time of some sort.   Whether it be a day, or two weeks there is ALWAYS that donor who wants their items picked up “yesterday”. We now have a solution. All PMD priority pick up providers are committed to picking up and bringing those items to us ( they will charge the customer because thats their business, but they will deliver t.

2. Priority Pick Up providers generate their own leads and a great deal of time when they are called to pick up “Junk” end up picking up great stuff. PMD priority pick up providers are committed to bringing you anything that YOU think has value.

3. When you users of PMD have true “Junk” or items that we don’t pick up, its been difficult for us to not have an option for them. Now we do. In PMD there will be links to “priority” service on the qualification page as well as the calendar page so we if WE can’t meet the donors request. Our priority pick up providers can.

As mentioned above by making the process simple for donors and providing solutions for them, we accomplish our goal of increasing donations to you.

Our plan is to automatically implement this service for you as soon as possible.  Please, Please, Please call me if you have questions, or would like to discuss, but this is going to be a great thing for you and your donors I promise.