How Far Will You Go?

Recently, the question was posed, “How far out of the way will a donor go to donate an item before he or she gives up and tosses the items in the trash?”  I would love to tell you that 100% of our donors give because they care about our local charities, but that is just not the case. Every one of our market studies show that convenience is important.

Personal Experience

I considered my own habits. After a long, hard day of cleaning out my garage – staring at multiple bags of old toys and items we no longer use – my mind is 100% focused on the quickest, easiest place to donate. If it’s one block away and donating there signifies the finish to my day, then that’s where I am headed. Likewise, if we change the kids’ play room into a media room for teenagers, my first thought is to go online to find a charity that will free pick up my old couch and chair as well as the toys they no longer play with.

The Problem

The problem is, after navigating to the website of most charities, I’m directed to a page with a phone number to call. Who still uses the phone to do anything? But since it’s the only option, I do. I dial the number, leave a message, and wait for the return call. Or I move on to the next website that has an easier way to schedule a pick up.

Making It Easy

Both scenarios, either dropping off or picking up donations, represent the common habits of the U.S. population as it relates to donating gently used items to charity. Be it clothing, household items, or furniture, the decision to part with these items represents a ticking clock.

Donors don’t want to call it trash, because that’s “wasteful”. The next best thing is usually the quickest, easiest way to get the “stuff” out of the house.

We encourage all donors to care where they give. But we also know that convenience wins for vast majority of people.

Donations = Cash

Donations are essentially “cash” to an organization that knows how to monetize excess. How do you manage your financial gifts? Use the same habits with your excess and the impact of your donation can be amazing.

We hope you will start or continue to make the effort to donate where it makes a difference. And we’ll continue to make scheduling your donation online easy.

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