Clean Out As You Move Out … And Do Good Too

Moving is a pain. My family moved 9 times when I was growing up. We were always building & selling. Moving & shaking. Throughout these numerous moves, one lesson learned was how to get rid of stuff we no longer used.

Don’t Waste It

The simplest way is to throw everything away, but simple does not mean best. In fact, I knew lots of good “stuff” was going to waste but I was still shocked once I learned exactly how much value was being wasted.

Donations to a thrift store supporting a non-profit can make a big difference. I learned the couch I was going to toss could provide $250 to that organization. The dining room table that was too small for the new kitchen would add $150 to that donation. The 10 to 20 bags of clothes, toys, and other household items that would not make it to the next house put the total donation well over $500 in value to the local non-profit.

Less Work

Still, in the midst of a move, no one wants to do more work. But, by simply adding a third pile to the sorting process, you may find yourself doing less work. PickUpMyDonation works with dozens of local non-profits who will come to your house and pick up pile number three.

To get started, consider these three steps.

  1. Separate your possessions into three piles in each room: Keep, Trash, and Donate.
  2. Consider the “true” value of the items you no longer want to differentiate between Trash and Donate.
  3. Schedule a pick up online.

A common misconception is that a local non-profit wants your broken toaster or the sweater stained by wine from the Christmas party. Consider who might receive the item next. If its broken, stained or damaged, go ahead and toss it in the Trash pile. But, if the item simply doesn’t fit, hasn’t been recently used,Β or doesn’t have a place in the new living quarters, set it aside in the Donate pile. Be sure you label each pile appropriately. I threw away every coat I owned on accident one time.

Many non-profits will gladly come to your house to pick up your donation. Now, you have one less pile to move while doing good too.