As a PickUpMyDonation.com Partner, your organization will be a part of an easy-to-use customer tool for generating donation leads. Through our Shared and Exclusive Partner Licenses, your organization will appear before PickUpMyDonation.com users who have items to donate.

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Signing up with PickUpMyDonation.com provides your organization with a proven online donation lead resource. Visitors to our home page have the option to donate to your organization whenever they enter a pick up zip code associated with your profile.

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Donation Scheduling on your websiteYour donors will love how quick and easy we make it to donate to your organization
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Donation ReferralsNetwork Members share referrals with other providers, Exclusive Providers are the sole recipients of donations for their marketSharedExclusive
Monthly Donor ReportSee how many donations you received and their estimated value
Monthly Donor CSVAll details for each donation you receive ready to import into your favorite spreadsheet 
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Return Policy

As PickUpMyDonation.com is a web service providing a listing on our donation results page, there are no returns available after a purchase. Rather, partner organizations who wish to discontinue our service may simply send us an email stating your desire to cancel at billing@pickupmydonation.com.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. No refunds are available. If you wish to cancel your service, email us at billing@pickupmydonation.com. Upon receipt of your email, we will cancel your recurring payment and remove your organization from our system.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel at anytime. To cancel, send an email stating your desire to billing@pickupmydonation.com.

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