With a mission to get more quality donations into the hands of non-profit thrift stores using a simple donation scheduling platform, PickUpMyDonation.com has quickly become one of the easiest ways for a donor to schedule a donation pick-up nationwide.

Created for thrift stores with pick up capability, the site has grown significantly in the last 12 months. While growing the brand and the business and understanding that the typical donor wants their items removed from their house as soon as possible, we discovered a need for a priority pick up service. This means a good percentage of donors are willing to pay to have their items removed from their residence in return for expedited service. All of our requests have been vetted for location and size and will come with ALL of the donor’s contact information.

With over 5,000 donation pick up referrals nation wide each month and many of our “priority” market testers seeing $1,000+ hauls on our leads, we decided to create a national priority pick up option.

This pent up demand for instant removal of furniture and/or more availability from pick up providers has created a significant opportunity, and that’s where you come in…

If you are seeing leads begin to come in from our service, you are seeing part of the current demand in your area. We are seeing requests increase significantly each month. Starting January 1, 2016 we will be offering exclusive market opportunities for priority pick up providers. Priority Pick Up Providers may participate in leads from the following:

Priority Lead Opportunities

Non-Profit “Orphan” Database: Donors select “Donate Now” and are notified that their leads have been sent to all non-profits in our database. Priority organizations are welcome to follow up and advise that you will provide a pick up for a fee and deliver to a non-profit if requested. You may also request to be removed from this database.

  • Cost: Free (as long as market is available)
  • Leads: TBD

Priority “Orphan” Database: Donors select “Pick Up”, and are informed that their will be a fee for the service, and along with donated items other services are available i.e.- junk removal

  • Cost: Free (as long as market is available)
  • Leads: TBD

Exclusive Priority Pick Up Provider: Exclusive recipient of 100% of PickUpMyDonation.com priority referrals in client’s entire serviceable market.

  • Cost: The greater of $200 or $5.00 per lead
  • Leads: 20+
  • Click here to sign up for fee-based priority partner service.

Non-profit affiliation: Local PickUpMyDonation.com “Non-profit” clients use a priority pick up client as a service to their donors. In such cases, the priority pick up provider would agree to provide pick up service for the non-profit donors for a fee to be determined by the priority pick up provider. All items of value would be delivered to the non-profit (usually a thrift store) and items deemed unsellable would be delivered to the appropriate disposal facility. In addition, pick ups of value that are initiated and executed by the priority pick up provider would also be delivered to the local non-profit as means to eliminate waste expense and provide additional donations to the non-profit.

  • Cost: Free as “Exclusive Priority Pick Up Provider”
  • Leads: 50+ Avg.

We differ from the standard “lead generating” companies because our focus has and always will be the donor. For that reason, our model is built around exclusive corporate relationships. We are looking for Junk Removal companies that are willing to be the “exclusive, fee based: priority pick up provider” in each market. In that relationship you will receive all of the priority leads within your pick radius.

If you are on our email list, you, along with other similar organizations in your market will continue receiving leads until we identify an exclusive pick up provider.

What other services does your company provide?

In most cases if someone is donating, they are….

  • Moving
  • Cleaning Out
  • Having an Estate Sale
  • Need help organizing
  • Car donations

The donation process takes 2-3 minutes and during that time there are 3 large advertising spaces available that will have the attention of each donor. Priced per market.

Again, our goal is to find strategic partners in each market. If you would like to discontinue receiving free referrals from us you can cancel at any time.

Looking forward to increasing referrals for you!

~ Steve