What sets you apart?

Without fail, my conversations with clients always include directly or indirectly the impact that the local “Big” thrift stores chains potentially have on their business.  It is true, there is an impact.  The nature of free enterprise is such that we have to compete for business.  That simple line can be viewed as a threat, … Continued

How Much is Enough?

When I started managing thrift stores back in 2005, I found out early on that donations were going to be the key to success in this industry. Thrift shoppers are like bloodhounds and will find you wherever you are, and we love them for it. Donors however, will always find the most convenient place to … Continued

March Exclusive Provider Update- PickUpMyDonation.com up 65% from February 2015

As an Exclusive PickUpMyDonation.com Provider you have exclusive access to all of the donation leads that come into your zip codes and you are about to get hit with Spring Cleaning season.  For us this means ramped up staffing for transportation, back rooms, and processing. It also means an increased opportunity to share the story of … Continued

Get Ready College Hunks Hauling Junk… Our Donors are coming your way.

PickUpMyDonation.com has been increasing donations for non-profits across the U.S. for over 3 years and is currently generating over 5,000 donation pick ups each month nationwide.  Until recently we strictly existed to provide referrals to non-profits.  However, we have uncovered a pent-up demand from our donors who are willing to pay to have their donations … Continued

Non-Profit Exclusive Pick Up Provider- February Update

Well my friends, its cold in Knoxville, but the interest and growth in PMD is keeping us moving. We shared last month that we were working on providing a priority pick up option for you to use to serve your donors. We are excited to announce the service is now LIVE! and we have just created … Continued

Hello Fall

Sadly, we are approaching that time of the year where the temperature grows colder and the lazy days of summer are at an end. With the change of seasons, summer clothes are put away and the faded blue jeans and sweatshirts emerge. Furthermore, now is the perfect opportunity to sort through those Myrtle Beach logo … Continued

I thought we could be friends…

Here’s the second spot we’re releasing this week as a part of our campaign to encourage more people to donate via PickUpMyDonation.com. Got some workout tapes or gear collecting dust around the house? This one’s a reminder that you can give it away and make a difference in someone else’s life. Where you donate makes … Continued

March 2015 – Donation Impact Newsletter

Our March 2015 Donation Impact Newsletter is out! See this month’s issue, and while you’re at it, you can subscribe too. In this month’s issue, we preview our national ad campaign which kicks off this week. If you are looking to increase donations to your organization, there has never been a better time than now … Continued